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Gunay Evinch was born in Chicago, Illinois, to immigrants from the Turkish Aegean and Ottoman Macedonia regions. He grew up in San Francisco, and has resided in the Washington Metropolitan Region since 1993.

Evinch specializes in public international law, corporate and business law, civil rights, and non-profit legal consulting. He also has extensive experience in representing foreign countries.

Evinch serves on Maryland Governor Lawrence Hogan’s Commission on Middle Eastern Communities. In 2016, Evinch became the Co-Chairman of the Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC), which oversees the programs of America’s leading Turkish American organizations and mosques. In 2013, Evinch was inducted into the Washington DC Cosmos Club for Distinction in International Law and Foreign Relations. In 2009-11, Evinch served as the first American-born and 14th President of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA). Evinch also served on the Board of Directors of the World Affairs Councils of America National Board along side Chairman Ambassador Marc Grossman in 2009-11. He has represented the Turkish American community on the Heritage Council of the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence since 2007.

Evinch completed his Juris Doctor at Washington & Lee University in Virginia (1991), EU Legal Studies at the College of William and Mary Program at the University of Madrid (1989), and Bachelor Degrees in Economics and Public Service at the University of California, Davis (1986). Between 1991-93, Evinch was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in International Law and Sasakawa Scholar in Foreign Relations in Ankara, Turkiye. Evinch received the Lee Law Grant as well as the UC Regents Outstanding Senior Award. Evinch interned with the Federal Public Defender in Sacramento and San Francisco District Attorney in 1985.


  • District of Columbia
  • Pennsylvania


  • J.D., Washington & Lee University School of Law, 1991
  • B.S., University of California, Davis, 1986
  • EU Program, University of Madrid, 1989
  • Fulbright Scholar in International Law, 1991-93
  • Sasakawa Scholar in Foreign Relations, 1992-93


  • Turkish American National Steering Committee, Co-Chairman (2016-Present)
  • Governor’s Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs in Maryland (2016-Present)
  • Cosmos Club, for Distinction in International Law and Foreign Relations (2013-present)
  • U.S. National Director of Intelligence Heritage Council (2009-present)
  • World Affairs Councils of America, National Board of Directors (2009-11)
  • Assembly of Turkish American Associations, Board of Trustees (2013-2016), Past President (2011-2013), President (2009-2011), President Elect (2005-2007), Secretary General (1998-2000)


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  • Turkish, Fluent